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Operating Room Selection

Dr. Tower operates at Alaska Regional Hospital (ARH), Creekside Surgery Center

(CSC), and at Providence Alaska Medical Center (PAMC). All three have excellent

operating rooms and most often the choice of facility will depend on which one

offers the lowest out-of-pocket expense to the patient, usually dictated by the

patient’s insurance company and several other factors:

  • Creekside Surgery Center patients cannot be primarily covered by Medicare or Medicaid and need to be in good medical condition.

  • Dr. Tower's medical assistant will work directly with you to schedule surgery at the facility that most meets your needs for a specific date, while finding the facility that allows for the maximum reimbursement accordinging to your insurance requirements.


Patient Preparation


1 month before surgery (if surgery is not urgent):


  • See your primary medical provider to be cleared for surgery. At that appointment,the following tests need to be done and forwarded to Tower Orthopedic and Joint Replacement, in addition to the medical clearance:

    • EKG

    • CBC with differential, BMP, CRP, and ESR

    • UA with culture, if indicated

    • A nasal culture for staph (MRSA or MSSA).

  • Gather the appropriate equipment that may be needed after surgery (these can often be borrowed or obtained inexpensively second hand – check Access Alaska for a start):


1 week before surgery:

  • Attend an appointment at TOJR for your pre-operative visit. The medications that you will be taking once you go home will be discussed and ordered at that time.

  • That same day you will go to the pre-admission testing office at the facility where your surgery is scheduled.

  • If additional lab work is required, it will be done at the facility’s pre-admission testing office.


Night before and morning of surgery:

  • Shower with chlorhexidine soap the evening before and the morning of surgery in area of surgery.

  • ·Nothing to eat or drink for 8 hours before scheduled surgery time. You may take your morning medications with a sip of water.

  • If you take insulin in the morning, take one-half of your usual dose.

  • Do not take blood pressure medications in the morning that end with “pril” or “sartan” in the name.

  • Arrive at the pre-operative area 2 hours before scheduled surgery time.


1-3 days after surgery:

  • Physical and Occupational therapy will work with you to ensure that you are safely mobile enough to go home.


7-14 days after surgery:

  • Brief follow-up appointment at Tower Orthopedic and Joint Replacement. Out of town patients may have this visit with their primary medical provider.


4-12 weeks after surgery

  • Follow-up appointment at Tower Orthopedic and Joint Replacement.

  • Determination as to whether physical therapy is desirable will be made at that time.

  • Determination as to when you might return to sport activities will be made at that time.



*  This is not medical advice.  Your treatment protocol will be determined by your provider in an individualized plan based on your surgical need and diagnosis.