Dr Chris Albert

Christopher Albert, PA-C, was born and raised in Anchorage and comes to us with a depth of experience. He graduated from West High School and later went on to receive his degrees from University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) and University of Washington (UW).

Christopher spent his early years learning how to fly bush planes and SCUBA dive while attending school at UAA. He later moved to Seattle, where he continued his work as a diver. It was there that he found he had an interest in hyperbaric dive medicine. In 2003, he joined the Virginia Mason Medical Center, one of the world’s state of the art facilities, to dive in the hyperbaric chamber with ill patients as a medic. He simultaneously pursued other interests, including emergency medicine, trauma care and instructing anatomy and physiology courses at UW.

After returning to Anchorage, he began genetic research at UAA, which resulted in isolating a gene responsible for muscle growth. He also worked at Providence Alaska Medical Center in the Psychiatric Emergency Department. Although he enjoyed the technical and academic aspects of research and the unique challenges of psychiatric medicine, he felt compelled to take on the role of a provider.

Therefore, Christopher decided to become a Physician Assistant (PA) and began his training at the University of Washington MEDEX Program. His training included emergency medicine and primary care in some of the most remote villages of Alaska, such as St. Lawrence Island as well as two surgical rotations on Alaskan military bases. Following this, he began working as a PA in Primary Care at the Alaska Native Medical Center, supporting a 6-member provider team and providing care from neonatal to geriatric patients.

Christopher has joined Tower Orthopedic and is now working with Dr. Tower because he loves orthopedics and great patient care. He plans to bring a wide array of knowledge from his 13 years in medicine, from the point of view of a student, instructor and provider.

Chris enjoys a number of Alaskan activities but appreciates mountaineering with dogs the most, as well as portaging canoes. He also enjoys piloting, diving, and hunting.

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